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About Us
Digital Horizons is a small multi-skilled mapping & IT company that applies science and measurement techniques to collect, analyze and present geographical and environmental data about the earth, and structures for our varied clients.

Our Aim
It is the object of Digital Horizons to provide a service that meets the standards of quality agreed with our clients, as being appropriate for their intended use, at the right time and without undue cost. In order for Digital Horizons to achieve this, we have realized that all our our activities are to be controlled in a systematic and organised manner.
We recognise that we must involve all of our employees and their expertise to help us develop a system that has employee commitment. We have implemented a system to control our operations, which is based upon the internationally recognised Quality Standard ISO 9002. We have quality procedure, safety and work practices in place at this moment.

Our Staff
The following people are Digital Horizons key staff:
Managing Director - Terry Davis
Drafting - Karen Ibbott
Darwin Cartographic Sales - Naomi Kuchel